Sport Medical ID Bracelet with Pink Emblem. Size 6.5" Max.


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Maximum wrist size 6.5".

Sport ID Bracelet
, IDSP41 (ID Tag size 1-1/2" x 3/4"), is made from .062" thick premium grade Stainless Steel. Blue adjustable wristband allow max length of wrist 6.5".
It is guaranteed to be rust free for life.  This medical logo comes in Pink color. You can choose, also, RedBlue or Clear colors.
You can, also, choose plain bracelet without logos.
High reflective quality of the mirror finish of the Sport Id tag  is combined with the deep engraving of the medical information. This creates exceptional contrast of letters and high durability of the product, which will provide a good protection for years to come.

The bracelet tag is slightly curved for wrist wear.

"Stars" ornamental wrist band  is universal and fits any size up to 6.5" Max. Metal ID tag will never touch your child's skin and will provide complete mobility and comfort.

We can engrave 5 lines (3 lines with 12 Characters Max. and 2 lines with 16 Characters Max. in each line) of personal or medical information on the tag.

If in the future your medical situation will change and you will need a new Medical Id Plate, we offer replacements at this page.

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